Are clichés bad? Tropes vs. Clichés

Simply put, if you need an exact rule Cliches are BAD  Tropes are GOOD This is not always the case though. Cliches are bad because the audience is going to be reminded of all the other times they experienced that same cliche. If you can manage to write a cliche in a new way thatContinue reading “Are clichés bad? Tropes vs. Clichés”

Writing Fiction: Active and Passive Voice

Active Voice: What is Active Voice, and why is it a good thing? Active voice refers to a style of writing that when read, makes it easier for readers to feel as if they are there with characters in the moment. Richie gave the panting dog a bowl of ice cold water (active) The pantingContinue reading “Writing Fiction: Active and Passive Voice”

Literary Tools For Writing Fiction

It is important when developing the plot to consider literary tools. Why? Because they will make your life easier. Literary tools are a fast way to stir in some creativity to your story, while adding extra elements proven to make a story more interesting. Literary tools can be used to foreshadow events, trick the readerContinue reading “Literary Tools For Writing Fiction”

How To Write Action in Fiction

What is going on! What are the characters doing?! Anything your characters are actively doing is action. However, action is more than just simply doing things. Action has layers (like ogres). Great action scenes and sequences have deeper meaning to them. Every action must be used to tell more about the characters, their feelings, context,Continue reading “How To Write Action in Fiction”

How To Write Fiction: General Writing Structure

The best way to understand writing structure is to pick up your favorite books and see how it’s done. Look at how these authors describe something or make their characters talk to each other. Study the way they weave in the theme and communicate complicated ideas. Learning from excellent authors through their writing is keyContinue reading “How To Write Fiction: General Writing Structure”

Magic Systems: What You Need To Know

When most people hear the words fiction/fantasy, amazing worlds full of bizarre and interesting places come into mind. One of the most common aspects of these worlds, is their Magic system When creating a magic system for your world, you will need to ask yourself these questions: What does the magic do? Who can useContinue reading “Magic Systems: What You Need To Know”

World Building: 13 Essentials To Improving Your Fictional World

When creating anything in your world, it is important to think of its role in not just one of these elements, but multiple, and how they interact. think about it, is it more interesting to learn about a medieval military, or a medieval military in a swamp that practices magic to discover a historical technology?Continue reading “World Building: 13 Essentials To Improving Your Fictional World”