Making Money Off Your Writing

How much should you expect to make from your book? Honestly, that is an impossible question because nobody can predict the success a book will have. There are indicators that can help, such as: Do you already have a fan base? How well written is the book? Are you a marketing wiz? Have you publishedContinue reading “Making Money Off Your Writing”

Getting Published: How To Get Your Novel Published

If your dream is to make it big and sell a million hard copies and have fan signings and do book tours, then traditionally publishing might be the choice for you. Many writer have a goal to sign a substantial contract with one of the big 5 companies in publishing. They are book powerhouses andContinue reading “Getting Published: How To Get Your Novel Published”

Professional Quality Writing

What does professional quality writing look like? How am I supposed to know if my writing is professional enough to get published? Theses are common questions you need to ask yourself. Learn Learn as much as you can and never stop! There is always something you can learn about. Knowledge is what empowers someone withContinue reading “Professional Quality Writing”

Chapter Case Analysis: Witcher (The Last Wish: Chapter 2)

There is only one scene in the chapter making it short and fast paced. The author wants to explain the role of a witcher, Introduce lore of this new fairytale world, hint at horrifying monsters, thieving sorceresses, and how most people view them. The plot is centered on a contract Geralt of Rivia (protagonist) hasContinue reading “Chapter Case Analysis: Witcher (The Last Wish: Chapter 2)”