World Building: 13 Essentials To Improving Your Fictional World

When creating anything in your world, it is important to think of its role in not just one of these elements, but multiple, and how they interact. think about it, is it more interesting to learn about a medieval military, or a medieval military in a swamp that practices magic to discover a historical technology?

At the very least, it gives a better picture of how their society -like our own- integrates many different aspects of setting together.

Picture each of these elements below and how they are used in our world. Then picture what they would be like in your own world and how they interact with each other

There are infinite ways you could craft your novel’s setting, and an infinite amount of details you could add.

You will need to manage a balance between a world that feels real and a world so complicated only you can understand

What do you do?

I would advise writing only a single page for each of the world building elements above. This ensures that you go into enough detail of your world to make it feel real while also not getting lost within it.

List of world building elements

History: Everything in life is built of the grounds of what came before it. Delve into your story and uproot the most important occurrences of your worlds past. Then, let it shape other elements of your setting.

Technology– How advanced is your world? Do they use rock tools or highly sophisticated technological devices?

Occupations – Depending on the technology of your world, what jobs are common in your world?

Religion– What are the different kinds of religion(s) and what affect does it have on society

Politics– What type of government is most prominent in your world. Are there any interesting rules

Infrastructure: this is how a society organizes its structure and systems to effectively operate. An easy example is to think of is roads. What conditions are they in, are there lots of signs, what buildings are around them, and how thin or wide are they. Among many others, this also includes electricity, sewers, gas, and electricity.

Magic: Does your world have any version of magic? How is it incorporated into your society?

Geography and Weather: Location. Location. Location. Make sure that you include what environment your characters are in, and what kinds of weather they can expect to deal with.

Culture: Every civilization throughout human history has its own unique sets of values. Take any culture and write down its holidays, myths, legends, and traditions. After you have done that, create some of your own. They can be based on logic, wacky occurrences, history, or just for fun.

Military: Depending on your type of government and its relations to other societies in your world, you may need to add some sort on military.

Food: Enrich your readers senses by creating food in your world. Make it fantastically different and interesting. Just remember to make it similar enough to the food in our world to give it enough realism.

Flora: Plants have many possible uses in fiction. Plant uses include: Medicine, food, decoration, sickness, drugs, dangers, or imagery

Fauna: Animals can also have a wide array of uses in your story. Its up to you, but some ideas include: Pets, food, medicine, threats, companions, or just to be adorable.

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