What makes a great character?

Great characters are hard to come by, but when they do, they feel so real that we believe that they could actually be a real person. We know how they act, their mannerisms, likes and dislikes, and what they might do in various situation.

The goal is always to create a believable character that we enjoy. This doesn’t always mean in a good way either. There are many beloved villains who capture out hearts with their own versions of an ideal world.


Personality: Every character should be unique. Their own voice, style, education, personality…etc. Think of people you know in your own life.

What makes them unique? How do you know them better than some stranger crossing a street?

Acclaimed author Brandon Sanderson (Way of Kings) believes that all likable characters have at least one of three traits that make them likable.

  1. The characters drive the plot forward
  2. Are extremely competent/talented in some skill
  3. They are well liked by other characters


Goals and Stakes

Take those aspects and apply to to your fictional character (Just don’t make your friends and family into those characters. )

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