The Importance of Proper Character Interactions

Stories need conflict to be interesting. If you don’t stop your character from getting what they want you will bore your readers.

How interesting is it when a superhero goes to fight a villain and they instantly win. There is just no suspense when you know your character is invisible. More importantly, its just not fun!

Conflict is used to teach us lessons by proxy. Every society has rules.

Examples would be waiting for a traffic light to turn red, saying please and thank you, or not murdering people. We have all learned to play by these rules.

Life is a game. We play by its rules, and figure out its systems to get what we want while avoiding any unwanted trouble. But life is complicated and conflict will ensue when we don’t follow the rules.

Conflict also shows us who the character really is. There is no filter for them to hide behind when they are forced to play a different game. Instead, they have to be their true selves. Our instincts and how we were raised determine our actions. We are a combination of nature vs. nurture.

Character Interactions

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Characters talking to each other will speak differently based on their position in regards to the person they are talking to.

A manager will speak and handle objections much differently, depending on if they are speaking to the president of a company, a coworker, or a ditzy intern.

It is important to remember that many people will make snap judgements about others or believe themselves to be in a different category than they are.

For example: The high school jock who never grew up and works at a gas station might think he is better than a former classmate, even if that classmate is not a neurosurgeon. OR maybe the neurosurgeon feels inadequate compared to a famous actor.

The point is, our roles and positions are in a fluid hierarchy of where we rate ourselves and others. I would like to hope that all of you dont treat and judge others based on this, but it can certainly help when asking what your characters might do and say to other characters

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