Chapter Case Analysis: Witcher (The Last Wish: Chapter 2)

There is only one scene in the chapter making it short and fast paced.

The author wants to explain the role of a witcher, Introduce lore of this new fairytale world, hint at horrifying monsters, thieving sorceresses, and how most people view them. The plot is centered on a contract Geralt of Rivia (protagonist) has regarding a monster.

Setting: Takes place in the castle of an important figure named Velerad. They are at a table. At first Velerad wants to keep his distance, but learns Geralt is a witcher and when food comes asks him to come closer and join him in drinking as they speak about the contract.


Geralt- Wants to know more of the details of surrounding King Foltest’s scandal and his contract. Does not talk much and is very straightforward to give impression of his character. Asks for a lot of money because of the danger.

Velerad- Grumpy castellan -governor of a castle- wants to complain about how mad the times are and how wild being a witcher is after seeing King Foltest’s contract. His motivation in the scene is that he wants the ordeal over and done with regardless of how (suggests alternate method of killing the monster instead of lifting the curse). Talks a lot. Presses the lengths of the issue at hand, and agrees to talk to men willing to pay a large sum of money if Geralt kills the monster instead of lifting the curse, which would disqualify him getting the reward from King Foltest.

Goal: Wants to know of the contract

Conflict: Contract is so dangerous many people have died

Disaster: Even other witchers were no match for the monster

Reaction: Geralt smiles and is still interested

Dilemma : Velerad informs of another offer just for absolving the matter

Next Route: Geralt will take the contract, and wants Velerad to contact his people in case Geralt fails and kills it.

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